Do you know how worth you are?

Everyone in this world is dealing with something whether it is in their personal life or professional.

Are you happy in your present relationship? Are you satisfied with the salary your organization providing you? If you are satisfied then definitely you know your worth and you already getting what you deserve for. And if you are not happy then maybe you already know your worth.

How many times it happened that you had settled for the less salary than you are deserved for. How many times it happened that your partner had made little efforts for you then you actually deserve.

Whether the case is professional or personal, it is always important to know your value, how much you are worth. Never settle for the less. You are more than what you think. Be the best version of yourself. First, we have to know our worth then we have to ask for it. Because no one will ever pay you, what you are worth for but what they think you are worth for. That’s why communicating our value is so important.

Sometimes we doubt our skills, our knowledge, & these doubts & fears are normal but don’t let them stop your earning potential. And your earning potential can only be increased if you know how to communicate your value.

Find out what most you love about your work. What excites you most about the work you do. Connect with that & communicating your value will come naturally.

If it is important to work hard then it is equally important that the efforts you are making should be visible at your respective workplace.

Women in India are paid less than the men not because the organization wants to save their money but because they don’t know how to communicate their value. Even they know they should get a promotion but it is difficult for them to decide which amount is adequate.

Knowing your value is just difficult for everyone because as a human nature we always devalued our self. We can ensure easily what not we deserve but if we have to answer how much salary we deserve, no one will ever comfortable.

How can you know your value?

·         Firstly you should understand what kind of difference you have made in any given situation with the contribution you have made. Recognize the difference you make.
·         A company doesn’t hire an employee, practically, they hire your knowledge, the work that you can do for them. So, you should know what are the Qualities or Skills do you have that can help your organization. What value these skills add to you.
·         What problems you can solve for your company.
·         How much your colleagues earn having in the same job type & profession.
·         Have positive self-esteem: Be comfortable with what you are that makes & represents you.
·         See yourself as Peer: Feeling that you are equal with anyone you interact with.

Sometimes we know our value, but we just find it difficult to describe to others. Letting your work speak for you rarely does the trick.

We are not aware of how much value we are giving to our company, what crucial role we are playing for the company.

Most people go through a stage when they are finding themselves. Learn to keep your emotions in the right place. Sometimes we don’t speak up for the things we should speak for and that’s why people think they can take advantage of us.

So speak up for yourself, communicate your value at your workplace. Now you know your value so you can argue over that and can influence the thinking of your boss. They should fully understand what you can do for their organization.

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