Want To Be a Morning Person? Learn How.


I know early mornings are worst, especially when you are not used to it. They are so rough like you can't get out of the bed, always have rushed breakfast, no time to look better. And if you usually stayed late at night, then its really get difficult to get up early in the morning.

But a study shows that the person who usually starts his day early is like to be more optimistic, happier person, more proactive - means they end up doing more things than the other person. So obviously who don't want to be a morning person & starts their day on a fresh note. And just by making some changes in your daily routine you can also become a morning person & bring your life back to track.

Being a morning person doesn't mean that you have to wake up before the sun gets up. It just only means to give yourself an extra little time to enjoy the morning by doing things which you love the most.

If you wanna know some tips & tricks to become an early riser then just keep reading. Just give a try to following tips & see how it feels. So here we go:

1) Keep your alarm out of your reach: The most helpful thing you can do to you to make yourself get up early in the morning is to keep your alarm away from your bed. We mostly put our alarms on our phone, so not it is good to sleep without your phone but keeping it another side of your room will make you force to get out of your bed. So you have to go there & turn it off. And once you get out of your bed, it will be easy for you to stay up, otherwise, you will roll over & go to sleep again. I know you will hate this first, but I'm sure if you will stick to this habit & get used to it then definitely it will be like ' Yes I'm awake, it's great and it's working.'

2) 15 minutes early routine: Another important tip that can be helpful for you if you really want to start your day early is that first start with the 15 min early interval period & slowly ease yourself to get up earlier. Means if you usually get up at 9'o clock in the morning then first try to wake up at 8:45 am then at 8:30 am then 8:15 am & just keep going & get to the hour you want to start getting out of your bed. This gonna make you easier by not giving any shock to your system & shock to your body.

3) Make your bed: If you are someone that normally not make your bed after you get up in the morning, then this the habit you need to follow. Because making your bed helps you to keep away from crawling back into your bed. It will be hard for you to get to sleep again when it is not open for you & already closed. Plus it will make you more productive in like that you feel that you have already done something early in the morning.

4) Make your playlist: If you want you can create your morning playlist too. Some people, like me, can be music driven & can affect their mood what they listen in the morning.So if you want to have a more productive day, like kind of go-get-up then put on fast beat, positive playlist & listen to them when you are getting ready or while doing other stuff. Just take your time, listen to your favorite playlist, enjoy your morning. These your favorite playlist will definitely change your views about that how you look your day & change your attitude towards the rest of your day.

5) Change your alarm ringtone into your fav song: Apart from creating a playlist, you can also change your alarm bell to something that really not so annoying & won't make you grumpy when you wake up in the morning. It's totally your choice how you want to start your day, soft or loud. So change it to your favorite song and also you can change it often so you will not always be waking up to the same thing every morning.

6) Skip the snooze button: And it is so important to skip the snooze button. I know you will say that snooze button is your best friend but it actually does causes you make you fall back into the sleep, you actually not falling into sleep but hitting the snooze button over and over again make you feel so & you will feel more tired than before when you wake up. So it's better to make a habit to not to hit the snooze button otherwise you will feel worse.

7) Fix your early morning routine: Another thing which can be helpful for you to get up early in the morning is to have some fixed morning routine, something for which you look forward to. Like have some coffee, read a good book, play with your pets, look outside of your window, get out of your room & get some daylight because that instantly going to wake you up or do whatever you love the most. Having some good routine which will look forward to will definitely help you to get up early in the morning.

8) Excercise and breakfast: If you are someone who really likes to run in the morning or loves to do workout then its really a good thing. But if you don't have time then, 15 minutes stretching also really gonna wake up your body and stretch out your muscles and get yourself moving towards your day. And of course I know you probably hear all this before but please never try to skip out your breakfast. This will give your energy & boost you thought out your day.

9) Plan your day before: The thing which will be really helpful in getting up early be definitely is be to plan your next day before getting into your sleep. You can make a 'To-do-list' on your phone & list out the things which are to be done next day. By doing this you can easily plan your day and prioritize the things which to be done first or later. And it will make your morning more relaxing as you don't need to figure out the things in the morning as it is already planned.

10) Go to your bed early: And the last tip & the most basic one is that try to get into your bed in a more decent hour so that you will get enough sleep. Try to create some sleep cycle & remain fix to it. Turn off your phone and internet, put your other distracting gadgets aside at least half an hour before your fixed sleeping time.

So, challenge yourself to try these above tips for becoming a morning person. Try them & see if this makes you happier. when you get to used to it you end up getting so much done before the other person gets up. I hope you all liked the above article. I will see you all in the next one. Keep reading. 

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